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Student Complaints

Opportunities for academics and administrators to get involved with OSCCA processes

Whilst OSCCA handle and advise on student cases, we are reliant on volunteers to act as decision-makers in our cases.

We require more volunteers in the following roles:

For academic staff who are members of Regent House:

  • Student Complaint Officers (the role considers whether eligible student complaints are upheld and if so, suggests a remedy)  Student Complaint Reviewers (the role reviews the decision of the Student Complaint Officer)
  • Reviewers for the Review of Decisions of University Bodies Procedure (the role reviews decisions made by University Committee including the Examination Access & Mitigation Committee, the Board of Graduate Studies, and the Faculty of Clinical Medicine)
  • Examination Review Officers (the role considers whether a candidate's examination results should be reconsidered) 
  • Examination Reviewers (the role reviews the decision of the Examination Review Officer)

For academic or administrative staff who are members of Regent House:

Please contact the Head of the Office of Student Conduct, Complaints and Appeals (OSCCA), Sarah d’Ambrumenil ( with any questions or to submit an expression of interest, and a member of the OSCCA team will be in contact for an informal conversation about the available roles. Decision makers are asked to undertake appropriate training, following which decision makers are proposed for approval by the appropriate University Body.  Ongoing support is offered to decision makers and there is no requirement for appointed decision makers to consider any cases unless they have the capacity to do so.