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Student Complaints

The University has robust policies in place to ensure that all examination results are accurate.  However, something unusal may have taken place in the examination and you want to check that the examiners were aware of the circumstances and that they have been taken into account.

If you have taken any University of Cambridge examination, including a PhD probationary examination and believe that:

  1. a procedural irregularity in the examination process has adversely impacted on your examination results; or
  2. demonstrable bias or the perception of bias has occurred within the examination process

you can request that your examination results are reviewed using the Examination Review Procedure outlined below.  You can seek advice from your College Tutor (or relevant departmental staff), or from the Students' Unions' Advice Service at

Examination Review Procedure

The University has two processes depending upon whether you realise immediately that an issue may have occured, or where you do not realise until you receive your formal examination results either through your electronic student record (CAMsis) or formal letter:

Any form received will be handled in accordance with the Examination Review Procedure, which is available for all candidates who have taken University of Cambridge examination.

If your personal circumstances affected your examination

The University has processes that provide for an allowance or an adjustment to be granted in certain circumstances - in particular, on account of illness or other grave cause in preparing for, or taking, the examination or part of the examination for the degree or other qualification concerned.

  • If you are an undergraduate, MASt, MBA, EMBA, MCL, LLM, MEng, MFin, MMath, MMus, MSci, or PGCE student, find more information at:
  • If you are a Graduate Student, find more information at:
  • If you are a Graduate B.D, M.D, Vet.M.D, Ph.D., Bus.D, Eng.D, M.Sc, M.Litt, M.Phil. Degree by dissertation or Certificate of Postgraduate Study student, you can use the Examination Review Procedure outlined above to review your examination results where "serious illness or other grave cause which has clearly impacted upon the examination itself and of which, for sufficient reason, the Examining Body were not aware" has taken place.