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Student Complaints

If you are are dissatisfied with a decisions you have received from one of the following University bodies, you can request a review by completing the Request for Review form within 14 days of receiving the written decision:

Table of decision making bodies and decisions that can be reviewed using the Procedure for the Review of Decisions of University Bodies
Decision-making Body Type of decision
Examination Access and Mitigation Committee (EAMC) examination allowances, intermission/ disregarding terms, extensions, Alternative Modes of Assessment
Postgraduate Committee examination allowances, intermission, return to study, withdrawal from study of postgraduate students
Faculty Board of Clinical Medicine Additional attempts at 2nd and final M.B. examinations
Faculty Board of Veterinary Medicine Additional attempts at 2nd and final M.B. examinations
Faculty Board of Law Additional attempts at Examination for Professional Exemption
Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre (ADRC) Recommendations of reasonable adjustments specified in a Student Support Document
Progression Committees Not to allow a student who has completed the B.A degree to progress to Part III of the Tripos for the M.Eng., M.Math or M.Sci. Degree 
Study Away Risk Assessment Committee Applications for students to work away
Student Discipline Officer Not to commission an investigation
Study Capability Assessment Committee To require the student to undertake supportive actions, temporary or permanent removal from studies
Fee Remission Panel applications for tuition fee remission

The review process will not consider issues afresh or involve a further investigation. Students are only able to review the decision made by one of the bodies above, on the following grounds:

  1. procedural irregularities that occurred during the decision-making process, which were material or potentially material to the decision reached; and/or
  2. the decision is unreasonable, in that no reasonable person could have reached the same decision on the available evidence; and/or
  3. the availability of new evidence, which materially impacts on the outcome and which, for valid reasons, could not have been submitted at an earlier stage.

All forms will be considered in accordance with the Procedure for the Review of Decisions of University Bodies. You should not include unnecessary information about other people in your request.  If you remain dissatisfied following the review, then you may be able to raise a complaint externally. 

After completing the Procedure for the Review of Decisions of University bodies

The Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA) runs an independent scheme to review student complaints, including reviews of University decisions. We are a member of this scheme. If you are unhappy with the outcome of your review you may be able to ask the OIA to review the outcome. You can find more information about making a complaint to the OIA, what it can and can’t look at and what it can do to put things right here:

You normally need to have completed the Review of University Decisions Procedure before you complain to the OIA.  We will send you a letter called a “Completion of Procedures Letter” when you have reached the end of our processes and there are no further steps you can take internally. If your  review is not upheld, we will issue you with a Completion of Procedures Letter automatically. If your review is upheld or partly upheld you can ask for a Completion of Procedures Letter if you want one. You can find more information about Completion of Procedures Letters and when you should expect to receive one here:

Appealing Fitness to Practise Decisions

If students are dissatisfied with the decision they have received through a Fitness to Practise Procedure, more information can be found about appealing the decision here.