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Student Complaints

​​Guidance for staff:

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For Tutors / those supporting students


Responding to complaints and disclosures at Department/Faculty/Service level


Department/faculty responsibilities for mark checks and investigating plagiarism


Raising concerns or complaints about a student's behaviour

We need your help...

Whilst OSCCA handle and advise on student cases, we are reliant on volunteers to act as decision-makers in our cases.  If you are interested in getting involved and acting as a decision-maker then please contact us - a full briefing and ongoing support is given and there is no requirement for you to consider any cases unless you have the capacity to do so.  We are always interested in recruiting to the following decision-maker panels:

  • Student Complaint Officers (academic staff only, the role considers whether eligible student complaints are upheld and if so, suggests a remedy)
  • Student Complaint Reviewers (academic staff only, the role reviews the decision of the Student Complaint Officer)
  • Reviewer for the Review of Decisions of University Bodies Procedure (academic staff only, reviews decisions made by University Committee including the Examination Access & Mitigation Committee, the Board of Graduate Studies, and the Faculty of Clinical Medicine)
  • Examination Review Officers (academic staff only, the role considers whether a candidate's examination results should be reconsidered)
  • Examination Reviewers (academic staff only, the role reviews the decision of the Examination Review Officer)
  • Discipline Committee Panel member (must be a member of Regent House, considers students' alleged breaches of rules under the University's disciplinary procedure)
  • Discipline note takers (administrative staff or academic-related staff in grades 5-8, provide a note taking service for the University Advocate when undertaking student discipline investigations)