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Student Complaints

The University is committed to providing an environment that is free from discrimination and affirms the rights of all of its members to be treated with dignity and respect.  The University will not tolerate harassment of one member of its community by another nor sexual misconduct.  The University takes allegations of harassment and sexual misconduct very seriously and may take action, including disciplinary action, in response to a complaint from a student.

In addition to the University's Student Discipline Procedure, the University has a Code of Conduct and a Procedure for Student Harassment & Sexual Misconduct, which includes explanatory notes and a description of how a student's personal information is used.

The Procedure for Student Harassment & Sexual Misconduct is different to other procedures: it gives more control to the complainant; any involvement is not recorded on a student's University record; and no penalties can be forced upon the respondent student.  Students can also be involved in this procedure without needing to inform anyone else in the University.

As well as taking action following harassment between students, the University also has policies regarding any form of harassment taking place between students and staff.  Students should submit a complaint in accordance with the information on the reporting webpage.  Staff conduct investigations are handled by HR, but the support and communications to students are handled by OSCCA.  In addition to the reporting procedure, the University also has Guidance on Personal Relationships between Students and Staff.

Any questions about the Procedure and associated policies should be directed to the Office of Student Conduct, Complaints and Appeals (OSCCA) at or 01223 765440.