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Student Complaints

Procedures for the review or appeal of decisions of University bodies

Decisions received on or after 1 October 2017

If students are dissatisfied with any of the decisions of the following University bodies, they can request a review by completing the Request for Review form within 14 days of receiving the written decision:

  • Applications Committee of the University Council (allowances of terms or to candidates for examinations)
  • Board of Graduate Studies (allowances for examinations)
  • Faculty Board of Clinical Medicine (additional attempts at 2nd  & Final M.B. examinations)
  • Faculty Board Veterinary Medicine (additional attempts at 2nd & Final Vet. M.B. examinations)
  • Faculty Board of Law (additional attempts at the Examination for Professional Exemption)
  • Decisions relating to reasonable adjustments or alternative modes of assessment
  • Decisions not to allow a student who has completed the B.A. Degree to progress to Part III of the Tripos for M.Eng., M.Math. or M.Sci. Degree

All forms will be considered in accordance with the Procedure for the Review of Decisions of University Bodies.

If students are dissatisfied with the decision they have received through a Fitness to Practise Procedure, more information can be found about appealing the decision here.

Decisions received before 1 October 2017