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This form enables anyone who is or has been a student, staff or visitor to the University to anonymously reporting harassment, hate crime and sexual misconduct.  The collegiate University takes this type of complaint very seriously and offers a range of support and reporting options to those who have experienced this behaviour.  However, the collegiate University also acknowledges that people may find it difficult or will not want to report this type of behaviour and therefore enables members of the University commuity to anonymously record this type kind of behaviour.  The information you provide will be collated and analysed to help monitor the prevalence of incidents that take place and understand the impact of initiatives run by the collegiate University and Students' Union.

Sources of support

If you have been the victim of harassment, hate crime or sexual misconduct, support is available to you through the University Counselling Service or through external organisations.  All support is non-judgemental and tailored to your needs.  The University has a full-time specialist support worker who provides anyone who has ever experienced sexual violence with emotional and practical support, find more information from this webpage:  You can find information about other University, College and external sources of support from this webpage:

Formal reporting options

The University cannot offer direct advice or investigate a matter reported through the anonymous reporting tool.  You can formally report an incident to the College, University, or the Police; find out more about the options available at

So that you cannot be identified by your submission, if you are logged into the University website you must log out before you can complete the form.

Complete the questions below to submit an anonymous report

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Choose one option from the list
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If there have been a series of similar incidents, choose the timeframe of the most recent incident
Choose the most accurate description of where the incident took place
Choose all answers that apply
Choose all of the relevant behaviours that took place, the behaviours may have occurred in person, in writing or through any online platform
Confirm if you believe you were targeted because of a particular characteristic that you have or that the perpetrator thought you had. Choose all the apply, or leave this question blank if you don't think this applies to the incident.