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Student Complaints

The University has robust policies in place to ensure that examination results are accurate.  However, there may be circumstances where something unusual happens during the examination and you want it taken into account.  The University has procedures in place to deal with this possibility.

Students are strongly urged to seek advice from their College Tutor (or relevant departmental staff).  Students can also receive free independent advice regarding any University procedure from the Students' Unions' Advice Service at

If something went wrong during the examination process

If you are an undergraduate, MASt, MBA, EMBA, MCL, LLM, MEng, MFin, MMath, MMus, MSci, or PGCE student, please look at the Undergraduate and Certain Other Qualificiations Examination Review webpage.

If you are a Graduate student please look at the Graduate Examination Review webpage

If your personal circumstances affected your examination

The University has processes that provide for an allowance or an adjustment to be granted in certain circumstances - in particular, on account of illness or other grave cause in preparing for, or taking, the examination or part of the examination for the degree or other qualification concerned.