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Student Complaints

If you received your decision on 1 October 2017 or later please see

If you received your decision before 1 October 2017, the Review of decisions of the Faculty Board of Clinical Medicine in respect of requests for additional attempts at the Second M.B. and Final M.B. examinations (Statutes and Ordinances, 2016, p. 465)

This is a specific Review procedure, which provides for the independent consideration and review of a decision taken by the Faculty Board of Clinical Medicine under Regulation 28 in respect of requests for additional attempts at the Second M.B. and Final M.B. examinations, or for an extension of time to complete the course.

A reviewer appointed under the procedure shall be concerned principally with determining whether there is evidence of: procedural irregularity in the consideration of the student's case that was material to the decision reached; a decision having been made, to the detriment of the student, which is inconsistent with the relevant Ordinances or notes of guidance; the decision made was unreasonable or perverse in the circumstances; fresh material or substantive evidence, which has a direct bearing on the decision taken and which for good and sufficient reasons was not presented before, etc.

No person who applies for review under this procedure shall be entitled to apply also for review of the same matter under the Student Complaints Procedure.

Strict time limits apply: a request for a Review must be made in writing, stating the grounds of review, normally within three weeks of written notification of the Faculty Board’s decision. Requests for review should be submitted to The timescale to complete a review may depend on the complexity of the particular case; in most cases the University would expect that the formal review under this procedure should normally be concluded within ca. 90 days.

Students are advised to discuss any issues they are facing with their College Tutor.  Students can also receive free independent advice regarding any University procedure from the Students' Unions' Advice Service at