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Student Complaints

If you received your formal examination results on 1 October 2017 or later please see:


Review of the Results of Examinations for the Degree of Master of Surgery (Statutes and Ordinances, 2016, p. 476)

The procedure provides for representations to be made by or on behalf of a candidate which constitute a complaint about the conduct of the examination. The representations may be referred to a Review Committee. Requests for review must be received within six months by the Secretary of the M.Chir Committee, though in exceptional circumstances this can be extended for a further three months.  Requests for Review can only be requested on the following grounds:

  1. that there existed material circumstances relating directly to the examination of which the Examiners were not aware;
  2. that procedural irregularities occurred in the conduct of the examination, which were of such a nature as to cause reasonable doubt as to whether the Examiners would have reached the same conclusion had the irregularities not occurred;
  3. that there is demonstrable evidence of prejudice, bias, or inadequate assessment in the examination process.

Students are advised to discuss any issues they are facing with their College Tutor.  Students can also receive free independent advice regarding any University procedure from the Students' Unions' Advice Service at